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Completed Projects
Acadia Inn,
Bar Harbor, ME
95 Room Hotel
Provided engineering and Planning Board assistance for the 95 room Seaview Motel. Site design included extensive layout and landscaping options to conform to the town's open space requirements.
Blue Fin Technologies,
Portsmouth, NH
 Dock permitting
Planning, design, and permitting for a new dock and landscaping for the company headquarters in Portsmouth. Completed survey location of existing mooring field, limits of tidal influence, and hydrography for a section of the North Mill Pond adjacent to the design area. Design included structural measures to prevent further shore erosion from the project site.
Brian Pendleton Company,
New Castle, NH
 11 Lot Subdivision
Subdivision of one lot and part of an adjacent lot into an 11 lot subdivision. Design included multiple planning options including a Conventional Subdivision as well as a Planned Unit Development. Worked with other professionals in developing options related to vehicular access that withstood a legal challenge by the project abutters.
City of Portsmouth DPW,
Portsmouth, NH
 Access Plan
The Dondero Elementary School serves a large neighborhood in the area of Elwyn Road in Portsmouth.  AEI met with City Officials and members of the community to design an improved traffic plan for the school.  The new plan improved safety and convenience for students and their families when picked up and dropped off at the school.  Traffic patterns were revised to further separate bus traffic from car traffic during arrival and departure of students.   To improve the condition of existing drives and parking areas, grades were established for viagra para hombres jovenes extensive resurfacing of pavement and expansion of parking.  Detailed engineering cost estimates were provided to the City. The work also included coordination of the site design for a new playground at the school.
City of Portsmouth,
Portsmouth, NH
 Playgrounds - City’s Schools
This project involved the layout and placement of new playground equipment at three Elementary Schools.  AEI provided survey information, permit assistance, and CAD drafting services to the City’s project manager.  AEI worked with the Planning Department, DPW and the School District to coordinate the effort and obtain Planning Board approval.
City of Portsmouth DPW,
Portsmouth, NH
Street Improvement Surveys
AEI provided survey of structures, street locations, sidewalk locations, water valves and hydrants, drainage structures, driveways, curbing and other miscellaneous structures required for a resurfacing of the streets and rebuilding sidewalks on several City streets.  Work was coordinated with the City so that information was provided to the City in appropriate formats and within a tight time frame.
Cricklewood on the Bellamy,
Dover, NH
Condominium planning
Provided site planning and survey services for Phases II, III, & IV of development at this 64 unit condominium. Project required firsthand knowledge of state statutes relative to the proper creation of phased condominium plans.
Dover Mills Partnership,
Dover, NH
500 car parking lot
Surveying, engineering and permitting the re-use of an old railroad yard into a 500-car parking lot in downtown Dover. Significant increase in site run-off was addressed with collection and diversion system. Design dealt with drainage system to deliver the run-off safely to the Cocheco River down a forty-foot embankment.
E.G.P. Development Corporation,
Hampton, NH
25 lot Subdivision
Provided all engineering design services for a 25-lot subdivision.  Included street design, sewer main extension, water main extension, storm drain system, stormwater mitigation and treatment.  The site contained sensitive wetland areas.  Several designs incorporating the preservation of the Hampton Playhouse were provided in an attempt to save the Playhouse.
Ferwerda Development Co., Inc.
Durham, NH
12 Unit Elderly Housing
Worked at the center of a site development team including the developer, legal council, architect, traffic engineer, wetlands scientist and site engineer.  Provided site plan engineering for a 12 unit elderly housing project of 6 duplex units in downtown Durham.  Designed streets, sewer and water main extensions, including detailed analysis of the existing downstream sewer system and treatment plant capacity.  Presented site plans to planning board.  Met with Durham Sewer and Water Board.  Worked with the director of Public Works to resolve snow removal and solid waste handling issues.  Provided a complete drainage analysis with treatment and mitigation of storm water runoff.  Applied for and received all necessary State and Local permits.
Fluor Constructors International, Inc.,
Newington, NH
Gas Fired Power Plant
Fluor Constructors International, Inc. is the general contractor for the Newington Power Plant; a gas fired electrical generation plant.  AEI was hired to provide construction staking and as-built survey data to the general contractor.  This data is used to ensure that construction tolerances are met during this major construction project.  AEI crews were responsible for on-site calculation of site element positions prior to staking.  Crews were able to respond to the clients needs as they arose on a daily basis.
Goodwin Park,
Portsmouth, NH
Park Development Plans
Worked on a consultant team to develop a site plan for Goodwin Park in Portsmouth. The Park is a civil war memorial park created in the late 1800’s, which is in need of an upgrade for the twenty first century. The park is in a census tract eligible for federal funding under the Community Development Block Grant program which the City utilize to fund the study. The study consisted of final construction drawings based upon a public input process.
1001 Islington Street,
64 Unit Mill Restoration
Provided site planning and permitting for the re-use of a mill into a sixty-four unit residential housing complex in Portsmouth's growing West End. Site access was a critical aspect of the project as the site shared an access with other business uses. A balance between pedestrians and tractor-trailers was achieved by design.
Jacques Whitford Company, Inc.
Nashua, NH
Athletic Fields
AEI provided engineering consulting services to assist Jacques Whitford Company in providing the City of Nashua with conceptual plans for conversion of an environmentally stabilized site (brownfield site) to athletic fields and recreational space.  AEI provided extensive stormwater management analysis, engineering cost estimates, and proposed options for landscape irrigation water supply for this 97-acre site on the Merrimack River.
Jay Cashman Constructors, Inc,
Newington, NH
Gas Fired Power Plant
During the construction of the Newington Energy Plant, a natural gas fired electrical generation facility, AEI provided construction layout and as-built survey data to Jay Cashman, Inc, the subcontractor in charge of concrete placement.  As-built survey data has included analysis of layout accuracy to insure that the demanding tolerance requirements for bolt patterns at the plant are maintained.
100 Market Street,
Portsmouth, NH
Retail and Office Building
Worked with the owners architect and planning consultant to permit a 56,000 square foot retail and office building on a prime vacant lot in downtown Portsmouth. Provided the technical expertise, working closely with city officials, to design the necessary off site improvements so the city infrastructure would be able to handle waste water and surface water run -off from the site.
NH Port Authority,
Newmarket, NH
Channel marker locations
Successful bidder on channel marker procurement and placement project for the Lamprey River. Responsibilities included tie in to state planar coordinates and establishment / retracement of control points along the river, layout and coordinates for channel markers for use on navigational charts, and procurement and contracting for the placement of the markers in the river. Coast Guard approval for mark maintenance listing was obtained as a result of the project.
Pilot Construction
Somersworth, NH
Resolution of Contract Dispute
During the final buildout of this large multi-family project the owner became aware of grading problems in previously completed units on the site, and potential problems in units under construction. Pilot Construction asked AEI to look over the design drawings. The project was partially funded by the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, and it was essential that the problems be resolved.  AEI reviewed design plans, as built data, and previous investigations of the site to represent the Contractor in a fair resolution of the problem.
Rivers Edge II,
Dover, NH
50 Lot Subdivision
Ambit Engineering, Inc. performed all engineering tasks for this 50 lot subdivision. Included were: design calculations and schematic plans for a 200 GPM sewer pump station; drainage analysis and design plans for a 1/2 acre detention pond; design plans for a river walk trail; negotiation of conservation easements with the city; complete design of three new roadways totaling 0.9 mile; design of sanitary sewer and storm water collection piping networks; design of run off mitigation and erosion control measures; design of 50 lots; utility coordination including easements with PSNH and Northern Utilities; project phasing plans; intersection super elevation design; and exploration of alternative layouts.
Sagamore Landing,
Portsmouth, NH
Planned Unit Development
Surveyed, designed, and permitted a seven unit "Planned Unit Development" on a sensitive tidal creek front site. Worked with the Planning Board to create a large conservation lot to allow higher density development on other portions of the site. Designed an extension to an existing street, individual septic systems, and erosion control measures to protect the site environment.
SAU 16,
East Kingston, NH
Elementary School Addition
Ambit Engineering worked with SAU 16, the East Kingston School Board, and a design team including architectural design, geotechnical design, and wetlands scientist to create a site plan for a 7433 SF addition to the elementary school.  Site design included access and parking, analysis of the existing septic system with recommendation for upgrading, and storm water management.  Serious site problems were discovered as to drainage and groundwater damage to the existing building.  The scope of the project was expanded to include resolution of existing drainage and groundwater problems.  Ambit Engineering worked with the town and several abutters to find a workable solution to storm water disposal and to lower the ground water table around the building. An offsite stormwater system was designed after obtaining the necessary easement from an abutter.  All state and local permits for dredge and fill of an existing man-made wetland on the site were applied for and received.  Foundation drains were added to the existing building and for new construction and connected to the off-site drainage.
Sumner Davis Architects, Inc.,
Eliot, ME
Eliot Maine Police Station
AEI provided consulting services to Sumner Davis Architects for conceptual review, survey data, and site planning and engineering to assist in the design and site review of an expansion of the Eliot, ME, police station.
Taylor River Condominium Association,
Hampton, NH
Septic Design
The two on site septic disposal systems for this multi unit condominium were in failure.  AEI provided design for replacement systems and construction inspection services to the condominium association.  The design was critical because of the proximity of the leach field to the Taylor River.
Tidewatch Condominium,
Portsmouth, NH
Condominium Construction Inspection
Consulting services were provided to the condominium association to assist them in managing the build out of the latest phase of the condominium construction.  The state of completion of site work was assessed and engineering cost estimates provided to bring site work to completion.  Design plans for construction were reviewed and construction inspection services were provided to the association.
Town of Hampton Planning Board,
Hampton, NH
Engineering Consulting
AEI is in its second year of providing engineering consulting services for the Hampton Planning Board.  To date AEI has reviewed 19 proposed projects for the Planning Board ranging in scope from large industrial site expansions to small subdivisions.  The Town of Hampton is unique in the many types of areas it contains.  These include large tidal wetlands, beaches, inland wetlands, industrial and commercial sites, and residential and recreational properties.  AEI is working closely with the Planning Board to insure that site developments are in the best interest of the Town.
Town of Hampton Recreation Department,
Hampton, NH
Recreational Field
The Town of Hampton was provided with a recreational master plan for the Campbell Farm Site including proposed baseball and soccer fields, parking, recreation and concession use.  The site was within PSNH and Unitil utility easements. Plans paid attention to the use of space in their ROW’s.


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John Chagnon of Ambit Engineering was recently presented with 2 Map Contest Awards from the New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association (NHLSA) at the Association Annual meeting held in Concord, New Hampshire. The Map Awards were for maps submitted in the Color Presentation Map and Subdivision Plat categories for recently completed projects in Portsmouth and Greenland, New Hampshire. The plans were drafted by John Easter and Alan Marshall, Ambit employees. The NHLSA Map Contest is an annual event with submissions from New Hampshire Land Surveyors across the state. Ambit Engineering previously had winning maps in the 2002, 2004, 2005, and 2006 contests. The winning maps are presented to the UNH Thompson School of Applied Science, Berlin Voc-Tech and New England College for classroom use in their respective surveying curricula.


Ambit Engineering, Inc. recently assisted 3S Artspace with Planning Board Site Plan and Conditional Use Permit Approvals for their proposed facility at 319 Vaughan Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 3S is planning a major renovation at this existing commercial building that will include a Gallery / Exhibit Hall, Performance Space, Artist Studios as well as a Farm-to-Table Restaurant. Recognizing the importance of the Arts to the vitality of Portsmouth and as an extension of Ambit’s commitment to outreach within the community Ambit provided Land Surveying and Civil Engineering services Pro – Bono to 3S Artspace. Ambit President John Chagnon was honored to be chosen to represent 3S throughout the permit process.


John Chagnon of Ambit Engineering was presented with a Presidential Citation from National Society of Professional Surveyors president Joseph M. Dolan at the annual awards ceremony held in St. Louis Missouri. The citation was awarded “in recognition of dedication and outstanding achievement for his efforts on the Trig Star program, on behalf of The National Society of Professional Surveyors”. Trig-Star is a competition sponsored by Land Surveyors throughout the country to determine the most highly skilled high school students in the USA at the practical application of trigonometry. The contest is sponsored nationally by the National Society of Professional Surveyors. In addition to serving on the NSPS Committee for Trig Star John has sponsored the Trig Star contest at Portsmouth High School and has coordinated the New Hampshire Land Surveyors State Trig Star Contest for 23 years. More information about the contest is available on the NSPS web site at: